dimanche 19 avril 2009

From here to Maternity

«Emma and James have waited ages for one to turn out, then two come together. Not twins- but an adorable Russian called Yuri, and an as-yet-unnamed bump already wreaking its special band of havoc.
Emma and James are overwhelmed by the crying, the crankiness, the fitful sleeping, the fussy feeding-and that's just the new mother...
On top of that they are juggling the Queen of Interfering Mothers, the brother marrying an Unsuitable Bride, the combustible best friend with a broody husband, and the outrageous sister who'll do anything for fame and fortune.
Emma and James are ecstatic at being parents at last but sometimes they wish that it was all a bit less... frantic !»
Ce livre est la suite de «Fais-moi un bébé» et de «Adopte-moi !». J'ai lu le premier il y a deux ans environ, et j'avais littéralement adoré ! J'avais ris à de multiples occasions devant les tentatives d'Emma de tomber enceinte. Non pas qu'il s'agisse d'un sujet comique, mais, enfin, il faut dire que l'auteure a le don pour rendre certaines situation ridicules. Je n'ai pas encore lu «Adopte-moi». En fait, je pensais que From Here to Maternity était le deuxième tome. Erreur ! Mais cela n'a presque pas paru. Malheureusement, la traduction française n'est pas encore sortie, alors, pour les intéressées, vous allez devoir vous contenter de la version anglaise !
This book continues the story of «The Baby Trail» and «A Perfect Match». I read the first one about two years ago, and I loved it ! I laughed a lot at the desperate attempts of Emma to get pregnant. Not that it's a topic to laugh about, but let's say that the author really has it to make you laugh at serious things. I did not read «A Perfect Match yet». I thought «From Here to Maternity» was the second tome. Looks like I was wrong. Fortunately, it didn't show at all. I just thought Moriarty had passed over a few years.

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